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What City Will My Virtual Address Be In?

Questions about addresses? We will clear the confusion

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Truth is... your address is state agnostic

When you get a virtual mailbox, it means that all your paper mail is scanned & uploaded into what is known as “the cloud.” In simple English; all mail is stored online, making the location of mail receipt irrelevant to your ability to access your mail.

For example, let’s say someone gets mail in Naples, FL and someone else gets mail in San Diego, CA; both pieces of mail are ending up in the cloud. And both users will be able to access their mail within the same virtual mailbox system.
Wonderful, isn’t it?

access to a virtual address from a mobile phone

But where will my address be located?

US Global Mail, since its inception in 1999, has been located in Houston, TX. Once you have completed the USPS change of address, all mail you get moving forward, will automatically be sent to our secure warehouses in Houston. These storage places have on-site security and 24/7 surveillance systems. Your mail is safer here than in your mailbox on the street or even a postal store.

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What about taxes and residency?

A mailing address is not a residence address. US laws don’t make you liable for taxes in any state without living there. Having an address in the state does not make you a resident of that state.

Your tax rate will not change (one way or the other) just because your mailing address changed.

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