Want to start selling your products in the US but not sure where to start? Start by getting in touch with us! We can assist you in setting up a Warehousing and Fulfillment program that will make the most sense (and dollars) for your business. Our services also include Inventory Management, Distribution and Order Management.

Why Businesses Choose to Work With Us

We serve many businesses including some that need Amazon Fulfillment. Read how we have helped businesses just like yours access the US market and grow. 

To Become Part of the US Consumer Goods Industry

Getting a US presence means accessing the 13 Trillion Dollar US market - that's what US consumers spend on goods each year. With a US address on your website, you can now effectively market to customers that wouldn’t normally buy from companies outside of the US.

We Bring Growth

Expansion into the US market will not only increase sales, and opportunity but enhance your company's value and make it 'global'.

Bundling and Savings

Shipping internationally can be costly and adds to the overall cost of the product. This can be especially cost prohibitive for small products. This is where we help - send us your goods in bulk and we'll enter them into our system. You will have 24/7 access to that system - manage all your sales, invoices and shipping via that system. As your items sell, we will ship them on to your customers.

We Make Life Easier for Your Customers

One big reason customers don't buy from overseas is prohibitive shipping fees. With our services we can save your customers from having to worry with customs and shipments that come from a local address which gives them peace of mind. 

Trustworthy and Reliable

USGM is a specialist in worldwide mail. We have been in this business for 10 years and have never lost focus of what we are good at: helping small businesses succeed in the US. We have an A+ rating with the BBB- an independent agency that rates businesses on trust and reliability.

We Bring You Peace of Mind

Know that we are here for you - your trusted and experienced partner who will treat their products and customers as if they were their own. Customer service is key for us - whether its you we are serving or your customers!

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