We know you aren't interested in staying put, but as you well know your Airstream didn't come with a mailbox! No worries, we can help. No matter where you travel, anywhere the wind takes you, you can rest assured your mail will be here waiting for you and a personal concierge will await your direction as to what, when, where and how you would like to receive your mail. So go on, roam free!

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Convenient and Easy to Manage:

With your USGM membership, comes a convenient & personal virtual mailbox where you can log in and see photos of all your mail, no matter where in the world you may be. The user-friendly visual dashboard allows you to easily view, select and take action based on your incoming mail.

Ensure Your Privacy. Our Services Are Private and Discreet.

Your mail is no one else’s business. USGM offers the utmost privacy when it comes to receiving, uploading and shipping mail or packages on behalf of our clients.

Rest Easy You Won’t Miss Important Documents!

Gain the peace of mind that only comes from the personal, reliable service US Global Mail offers. A Personal Mail and Package Concierge is always available to handle your needs when you mail requires immediate action.

Ship Smarter! Save Money with Cheaper Shipping & Bundling:

We offer shipping at more competitive pricing than an American retailer might be able to. You also have the ability to bundle goods through our Mail & Package Concierge Service making international shipping more affordable than ever.

You Need Flexibility, But You Also Need Consistency:

No matter where your travels take you, your address will always remain the same. And your mail will get to you, securely, every time. 

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"I have been using this service for many years now and love it. This has truly been a convenience beyond description. Thanks guys."
D. Atlman, via Facebook