Innovate by being the first to bring our management solutions to your corporate clients. USGM offers a break-through suite of solutions catered to relocation companies with special white-label opportunities available for those interested in branding our expat mail management portals.

Why Relocation and Global Mobility Specialists LOVE our Service

We work with and are the preferred vendor to some of the many reputed relocation companies including AIReS and Graebel Relocation. We offer a suite of solutions for Relocation Companies for you to better serve your clients. Offerings include feature-rich, customized Corporate Relocation Products  designed with the needs of the busy executive in mind. And a Custom Relocation Portal for you  to manage all your clients in one place.

We Are the Experts

We specialize in worldwide mail and package services. This is our primary business. We have been in business for more than a decade offering specialized, personal service to a wide range of clients with international mail needs.

Custom Relocation Portal

We've designed a relocation portal with your needs in mind and loaded it with features like- easy on boarding of clients, ability to offer different plans, manage expenses and set spendin limits, view invoices and reimbursements etc. We know you are busy and our online portal with an easy to use dashboard is sure to make life easy for you.

Be An Innovator, Gain a Competitive Edge

Your clients rely on you as a trusted advisor. By using experienced mail professionals that simply focus on mail, you show your commitment to researching the best service providers and looking out for their best interests.

Increase Your Portfolio of Services

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your value to your clients and bill them for this important service. We can work with your pricing models and goals.

Make Life Easier for Your Clients

HR folks love our service because it helps them eliminate the costly and time consuming activity of receiving, opening, sorting, repacking and forwarding Expat mail- an activity outside the core competencies of company HR- from their workload. And it helps them save big not only on the time, space and effort used in this activity but also by letting employees manage and pay for their own mail.