Mail Forwarding Service

Mail Forwarding With
a Permanent Mailing Address

Loved by 80,000+ customers.
Award winning service for 20 years.

Mail Forwarding With
a Permanent Mailing Address

Loved by 80,000+ customers.
Award winning service for 20 years.

How it Works

snail mail is processed & converted into virtual mail

Sign Up

Sign up and you get a virtual US Address. Use this address and forward mail from your office(s) to your new USGM address.


Paper mail becomes digital

Your mail arrives at our location. We send a notification and upload images of your mail in your secure, virtual mailbox. Get 24/7, 365 access to your mail items. No disruptions and no lost or misplaced mail.


Manage your mail online

It’s like e-mail…only better! Log in and manage all paper mail virtually. Get mail scanned, checks deposited, junk mail securely shredded, shipped if needed- all with a few clicks.

woman checking her virtual mailbox on her phone

A permanent US address for life

With US Global Mail, you get a permanent address for life. This means no matter where you move or live, you’ll never have to do another USPS mail forwarding request again. Your mail will arrive at your USGM address seamlessly (not at your neighbors or your old address!) You wont miss, lose or have misdelivered mail. Think IRS/tax notices, DL/Passport renewals, Credit/debit cards, Insurance paperwork, INS info, bills/checks etc.

secure mail forwarding

Safe, secure, digital mailbox. 24/7 access

You will have a secure, private online mailbox to forward your mail to, with 24/7 accessibility. No incorrect deliveries, no mix-ups, no stolen mail and security from mail thieves.

At USGM your security and privacy is paramount and we have systems and processes in place to ensure the same.

man running with his dog while managing his paper mail

See, Ship, Scan or Shred - manage your mail the smart way

We notify you when we receive your items and log them into a Virtual Mailbox which you access via a secure login. Get your mail scanned, deposited, shredded or shipped. Bundle items together and save 50-80% off retail shipping rates. Try risk free for 30 days.
Perfect for Expats, overseas Retirees, RV’ers and frequent travelers.

hand stretches out giving a small plant

Freedom from junk mail and a greener planet.

Freedom from junk mail. Forever. Your smart mailbox shreds junk mail before it gets into your mailbox. And we recycle it all, in keeping with our vision to do our part in healing the Earth. Thanks to you, we also get to plant a tree to offset the negative impact of junk mail every time a new member signs ups at US Global Mail.

Set up your mail forwarding in 5 minutes

Built to save you time, money and energy

Affordable plans

Transparent Pricing. No Gimmicks. Cancel Anytime.


Per month, billed annually.<br>
$14.99 billed monthly.

  • 1 name on the account
  • Free check deposit
  • 45 days Free mail storage

Per month, billed annually.
$19.99 billed monthly.

  • Add multiple family members
  • Upto 80% off on shipping rates
  • Free check deposit
  • 90 days free physical mail storage
  • Priority response time

Per month, billed annually.
$29.99 billed monthly.

  • Add multiple companies
  • Add multiple family members
  • Free check deposit
  • 180 days Free mail storage
  • Upto 80% off on shipping rates

All our plans come with

100% Guarantee

Try risk free. Cancel within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked

location on the map
Permanent address

Freedom from pesky USPS address change issues every time you move

computer devices
Smart Mailbox

Read all your mail virtually. No paper mess and a greener planet

No limits

Get mail from all your homes and business(es) or both in the same app.

security symbol

Safety, security and peace of mind. Built in.

flexible plans
Flexible Plans

Upgrade, downgrade, cancel anytime.

Tree on the top of the world globe

Join us in leaving a greener Earth for our children

We plant a tree for every new member sign up

Frequently Asked Questions

A mail forwarding service is responsible for forwarding all incoming mail from your former address, to your new address. People may need this because they have decided to relocate (temporarily or permanently.) Examples would be RVers & frequent travelers, families with a second home & expat professionals (people living abroad) etc.

Mail forwarding works like this: All mail & packages addressed to you, are delivered to a secure mail processing warehouse with operators who scan & upload your envelopes to your virtual mailbox. You log into your virtual mailbox, and view all arrived packages. From there, you can select an item you want forwarded to you or scanned or securely shredded. You get your mail/packages with up to 80% off of typical retail shipping rates.

Typical users of a mail forwarding service include: business people & frequent travelers, RV’ers, expat professionals or retirees, and pretty much anyone who wishes to get their mail digitally. Or has decided to relocate domestically or abroad. Or is simply tired of having to change addresses on their drivers license/passport, tax authorities etc every time they move.

The USPS will provide mail forwarding for up to 1 year free of charge for the “Regular Forward Mail” program, and $83.60 per month of service for the Premium Forwarding Service. If you decide to sign up for a professional service like US Global Mail, you get mail forwarding for a lifetime, at only $9.95/mo (with free cancellations & money back guarantee). To learn more, click here.

Depending on who handles mail forwarding for you, the time frames would be slightly different. For example, if you have mail forwarding done by the USPS, it will last from 15 days to 1 year before they ask you to complete a change of address again. If you decided to have mail forwarding done by US Global Mail, mail forwarding could last a lifetime.

More questions? Check out Help Center