Virtual Mailbox & Mail Forwarding Services

Mail Forwarding & Virtual Mailbox Solutions For All

Paper mail scanned, shredded and shipped;
all from within your smart mailbox

Mail Forwarding & Virtual Mailbox Solutions For All

Paper mail scanned, shredded and shipped;
all from within your smart mailbox


Mail forwarding made easy and affordable. We help expats, retirees, year-round travelers get their mail on the go, on demand & 24/7. View & manage snail mail online from any desktop or smart phone device, using your smart mailbox. All mail items are pre-sorted for junk mail, eliminating junk mail and making for a greener planet for all.

The best part about getting your mail virtually is that you have a permanent address for life. That means that no matter where you are located in the world or where you move to, your mail stays with you. Great for Expats, Retirees, RV’ers, Digital nomads and more.

Small Businesses

With a US virtual mailbox, cost-effective Business Mailing and Distribution Services, you can grow your business from anywhere. Bank statements, tax and important business documents will all be in one place. No more driving to the Post Office, get bank checks deposited virtually, all with a few clicks.

Ship any credit card, passport, ID or packages to your location. Bundle items for up to 80% off shipping. Ultimate freedom from junk mail! Simple, fast & stress free.


Traditional mailrooms are a thing of the past. Join innovative companies like Netflix, Chubb & Shell that have been using our mail handling service & Smart Mailbox solution for 10+ years.

Outsourcing your mailroom is cheaper, makes mail processing faster and offers greater reliability & security. With 3 Million pieces of mail being processed every year, a 99.99% accuracy rate & 20 years of experience, US Global Mail has perfected the are of enterprise mail management.


We help handle all your Expat Mail- from on boarding the Expat to handling all his mail and packages, while cutting your budget by 30-50%. Be a hero in your organization! Bring in an expat mail forwarding service that helps both the expat and the company.

Expats/assignees get a US mailing address at a physical location. All mail is sent to that address & accessible via a smart mailbox. No company mailroom or HR involvement. Expat has full control of how & when to manage their mail. This helps the company eliminate liability, cut costs & enhance assignment satisfaction. Outsource your mail to the top international mail forwarder. It’s a win-win!

What Virtual Mail Forwarding Plan Is Right For You?

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Per month, billed biennially.
$14.99 billed monthly.

  • 1 name on the account
  • Free check deposit
  • 180 days Free mail storage

Per month, billed biennially.
$19.99 billed monthly.

  • Add multiple family members
  • Add multiple company names
  • Upto 80% on shipping rates
  • Free check deposit
  • 180 days free physical mail storage

Per user, per month, billed biennially.
$29.99 billed monthly

  • Add family members
  • Add a company name
  • Unlimited digital mail storage
  • 180 days free physical mail storage
  • Ship physical mail

All our plans come with

100% Guarantee

Don't love it? Cancel anytime within 30 days for no questions asked refund!

location on the map
Permanent Street Address

Get a PO box online while maintaining a real street address

computer devices
Smart Mailbox

Read all your mail virtually. No paper mess
and a greener planet

No limits

Get mail from all your homes and
business(es) or both in the same app.

security symbol
Free Check Deposit

Deposit bank checks virtually... with the click of a button.

flexible plans
Flexible Plans

Upgrade, downgrade, cancel anytime.

Tree on the top of the world globe

Join us in leaving a greener Earth for our children

We plant a tree for every new member sign up

Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up for a digital mailbox, you will complete a USPS change of address which auto-redirects mail from the Post Office to to US Global Mail. All you do basically, is fill out the Change of Address form, and you’re good to go; we’ll handle the rest!

Informed delivery is a notification service the USPS has enabled, to let you know of new mail that came in the mail. Once a package or mail item arrives at the Post Office, you get an e-mail notification in order to go pick it up. With a Smart Mailbox on the other hand, you get to see the actual scanned item in your virtual mailbox, saving you a trip to the post office and allowing you to manage mail virtually.

Absolutely. The majority of virtual addresses our customers register are for business use. Not only will our address cover you for business registration; you can also use it to receive all business mail (including IRS notifications.) You get the same exact perks with having a physical business address, at the fraction of the cost!

When a piece of mail is sent to you, and you are a customer of US Global Mail, it all arrives at our central headquarters in Houston, TX. From there, it is uploaded into the cloud so you can access it from your virtual mailbox. Regardless of where you register a virtual address, it all ends up in the same place; the cloud. For more information or additional questions regarding our available addresses, click here.

More questions? Check out Help Center