I Want To Pay Month To Month. Is This Possible?


Here at US Global Mail, if there is one phrase that characterizes us, that is flexibility and ensuring that our customers get the best virtual mailbox service anywhere in the world.

Depending on whether you live in the US and just want to be able to get your mail online, or if you’re located overseas, you may be more (or less) committed to signing up for a long term plan.

You can pick between monthly, annual and biennial plans.

If you go with a longer term plan, your monthly fee will be a lot less. So we highly encourage customers who intend to keep their virtual mailbox platform for a while, to sign up for the longer term options.

But…if you’re still on the fence, looking to start slow and re-consider in a few months – the monthly plan is a perfect fit for you!

Here is a list of all our plans.