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2nd time in a row, US Global Mail Qualifies for Houston Business Hall of Fame

US Global Mail has been selected for the 2017 Houston Award in the Direct Mail Advertising Services category by the Houston Award Program. The company is among a very small group of companies that have won the Houston Award for two consecutive years. This distinction has qualified US Global Mail for the 2017 Houston Business Hall of Fame.

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US Global Mail Launches a Shopper Service

US Global Mail- the leader in expat mail forwarding- today launched: US DELIVERED. A service for International Shoppers who wish to buy products from the US easily. The service offers free package consolidation (bundling of packages and items together) to help save on international shipping costs and rates up to 80% off retail international shipping rates. "One of the most exciting features about our service is our free Track-Me-Home service with guaranteed delivery," says Tashi Nibber, CEO of US Delivered.

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US Global Mail Receives 2016 Houston Award

US Global Mail has been selected for the 2016 Houston Award in the Direct Mail Services category by the Houston Award Program. The award is given to companies that have achieved exceptional success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of business through service to their customers and community and help make the Houston area a great place to live, work and play.


Why Global Mobility Matters

Tashi Nibber, the managing director of US Global Mail discusses what global mobility means and why it matters, from her perspective of having lived in 3 different continents and running a company that helps expats settle into new countries. She discusses everything from kids, to the meaning of home for her to why helping expats is a passion for her!


US Global Mail cuts international shipping rates by 10-25%.

US Global Mail cut international shipping rates once again offering a cumulative savings of up to 80% on international shipping rates for their customers, making them the best choice for US expats and international shoppers. "We are able to offer these discounts to our customers and absorb rate hikes from shippers to us, due to the robust growth we saw in 2015. We continue to offer the most value and best international shipping rates for mail and package forwarding from the US for customers," said Tashi Nibber, Managing Director of US Global Mail.


Global Mobility Matters is now Live!

Global Mobility Matters- an initiative to expand on the long established Global Mobility Matters™ newsletter produced by US Global Mail. With original, insightful and informative Global Mobility content in one place. Content which is topical and developed especially for Global Mobility Matters readers who have a vested interest in International Assignments. Written by thought leaders from academia, industry experts, and partner companies in the global mobility industry.


US Global Mail nominated for Prestigious EMMA 2015 awards

US Global Mail has once again been shortlisted for the Americas Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards 2015 (The EMMAs), celebrated each year to recognize excellence in the Global Mobility Industry. The awards are held by the Forum for Expatriate Management. US Global Mail has been recognized for its expat mail/package forwarding services in the industry for categories: Employee Benefits Services of the Year Best Family Support Program

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US Global Mail wins the BBB Pinnacle Award for Excellence 2015

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) presented US Global Mail with the 2015 Pinnacle Award, the highest honor given to companies that maintain a superior commitment to ethics, overall excellence, and quality in the workplace. The awards were given at the Better Business Bureau 23rd Awards for Excellence luncheon on Wednesday, May 13 at the Bayou City Event Center.

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Families in Global Transition - Ignite speaker at the National Conference at DC, March 2015

Finding Home: Amidst Global Change. That was the theme of FIGT 2015 national conference held at Washington DC, March 6-8th. Tashi Nibber, from US Global Mail was invite to be an Ignite speaker at the conference, sharing her story of expat experiences and translating the same into a platform to help thousands of expat families, find and keep a connection to home via the little things that remind us of home!


Becoming An Expat Podcast: Managing Your Mail From Anywhere

After having lived in a few countries I can attest to the challenges getting mail and packages cause. I had the pleasure with discussing that very issue with Tashi Nibber at US Global Mail, says Shannon Enete - an author, speaker and a well know name in the International Expat community. Says Enete, "Researching for mail solutions for each edition to the Becoming an Expat guidebook series consistently lead me back to US Global Mail, which is why I wanted to share their solutions with you"

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The Houston Totally Expat Show- Panel featuring US Global Mail and SHELL Outpost

An audience of HR and Global Mobility professionals gathered at the Houton FEM Totally Expat Show featured a presentation by two thought leaders in the Expat world- Tashi Nibber from US Global Mail and Evgenia Rozenfeld from Shell Outpost. Tashi talked about issues that are important to Expat Families and how companies can address them with lost cost options that bring tremendous value. Presentation is linked above.

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Mobility Issues Magazine, Nov. 2014 edition. Featuring US Global Mail's own Tashi Nibber

The article shares the story of three remarkable women who parlayed their personal international relocation experiences into careers in global mobility. Recently each of these women candidly shared their stories and insights of how their personal relocation experiences have given them an edge in being able to care for their clients and have a deeper understanding of their needs. Below are excerpts from each of our conversations.


Free copy of 'How to Support Expat Families to Reduce Failed Assignments?

Why do expat assignments fail? Are we failing to offer some simple and cost effective solutions? The presentation given at the Americas Global Mobility Summit explores this topic and offers insights into solutions used by some of the leading corporations in the world.

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US Global Mail Nominated for the prestigious EMMA Award

US Global Mail is nominated for the prestigious EMMA award- the Oscars of Global Mobility- for Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility. The results will be announced at a glittering awards dinner and ball at the Hyatt Regency Orlando on September 18.


US Global Mail Wins the BBB Award of Excellence

"This coveted award recognizes your commitment to excellence in the marketplace and gives consumers greater confidence in choosing your company. Your organization should be proud of your success", remarked Candice Twyman, the Executive Director of BBB. And we are!

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On the Move: Technology makes mail forwarding easy when relocating

Randip Singh, CEO of US Global Mail discusses how mail forwarding and a virtual mailbox can make life so much easier when relocating overseas. Using technology, US Global Mail can replicate the experience you have when you open your mailbox at home, no matter where in the world you may be. In conversation with Michelle Sandilin at The Houston Chronicle.


CEO of US Global Mail interviewed on Global Business News

Ed Cohen, Editor of Global Business News discusses with Randip Singh, CEO of US Global Mail on what makes the company the recognized leader in Expat Mail Management Solutions. Singh explains how US Global Mail's technologically advanced, private, and personalized service gives expats the ability to keep a US address and a connection to home, via their mail and shopping. And why expats of Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Symantec, Dresser Rand, Cocoa Cola Co, Disney and many more Fortune 500 companies choose to work with US Global Mail. Listen to the conversation here

US Global Mail Whitepaper, Mail Forwarding

Whitepaper: Forwarding Expat Mail – Headaches, Hidden Costs and the Cure!

Expat mail costs- pain points and solutions. Mail forwarding options for expats and corporations. How to reduce risk and company liability that corporates are ignoring. Using HR for a non core function like handling mail and package forwarding for expats add burden and costs that could be avoided.. Learn more on what to watch out for, hidden costs and solutions.

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