If you like getting a good deal and don’t want to limit yourself to shopping in your own country, then look to US Global Mail and expand your shopping network. Our personal shipping services including consolidation and bundling, will save you a bundle in the process. And when you just don’t want to deal with the headache of declaring goods and getting your purchases held up in customs, USGM offers the ultimate flexibility in customs declarations.

Shop at Any of Your Favorite US Stores & Gain Access to Popular American Brands:

USGM Mail allows you to gain access to the entire US in terms of shopping, a country with more goods at better prices than any other country. Shop goods and items you wouldn't normally have access to.

International Shopper Quote Request

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Address where the items will be shipped. The more complete the address, the more accurate the quote!

Tell us what you'd like to buy. Be as specific as you can. Provide URLs, measurements, brands or any other details you have about the products you want.

Ship Smarter! Save Money with Cheaper Shipping & Bundling

In almost all cases, USGM is able to offer shipping at more competitive pricing than an American retailer might be able to. You also have the ability to bundle goods through our Mail & Package Concierge Service making international shipping more affordable than ever. We save our customers over $1000 on average, every year.

Ensure Your Privacy. What You are Buying is Nobody’s Business

You may be buying goods that you don’t necessarily want friends or family to know about. USGM offers the utmost privacy when it comes to receiving, uploading and shipping goods on behalf of our International Shopping clients.

Eliminate Frustrating Retailer Restrictions with Hassle-Free Buy & Ship Options

If you have ever experienced the inability to purchase goods from the US due to a retailer’s restrictions (like no international shipping or not accepting international credit cards), then you know how frustrating these limitations can be. USGM take the hassle out of International Shopping by offering turnkey personal shopping and shipping services.

Special Customs and Declarations Needs

Being abroad, you may need someone here in the United States to assist you in preparing the package for customs. Our personal mail concierge can help prepare your package for customs the way you would like to have it done. And you can write your own declarations. Did we mention that Insurance for the first $100 value of shipment is Free! We are here to help save you time, money and hassle.

Personal Service, the One-size Fits all Approach Doesn’t Apply Here

We realize that every shopper has unique needs, so our Mail and Package Concierge Services offer personalized service to meet those.

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"US Global Mail sets the standard for service! A shipment to Japan was disallowed by customs and returned to me at US Global Mail. Thanks to US Global Mail, the matter was resolved quickly and with good cheer."
John B, via Facebook