Verify your Credit Card


To verify your credit card:

1. Log In To Your Account and go to the Account page:

Scroll down to Payment section, go to the card you need to verify. Its status is “Waiting for customer verification”.

2. Click “verify”, enter the amount charged

Enter the charge amount from US Global Mail in your bank account, and click “Verify Card Information”. The amount should be between.99 cents and $9.99 USD.

Converting to US Dollar

If your credit card company does not display charges in USD, convert the charges to USD by the Currency Exchange.

Confirmation Message

If the amount is correct, you should get the following message:

If not, double check the amount. 

 3. Use your new credit card.

After successful verification, you can use the new credit card for payments.

You should be refunded the charge amount in 48 hours.