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> Why should I choose US Global Mail

Because we offer the most value. Really.

plans as low as $10/month with no hidden costs

no limits on how much mail/packages you can recieve

free photos of your mail and boxes with weight, dimensions, tracking info

view scanned mail online within 15 minutes of placing request during business hours

free secure shredding of your discarded mail

free discard junk mail

write your own declarations

free mail storage for 180 days

live person every time you call for customer service

excellent customer service with ticket response times of 2 hours or less

excellent shipping rates

99.8% customers highly satisfied with our service

> How do you stack up against competition?

We offer the most value of any of our competitors. See for yourself.
We pride ourselves on our Southern roots of integrity, honesty and doing the right thing. Which is probably why more expats choose us than any other company.
We are proud to serve expats from companies like Google, Apple, Wal-Mart, DIsney, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Regeneron, Rockwell Collins, Anadarko, BP, Shell and many, many more.

> What is Mail Forwarding? How does it work?

Mail Forwarding is a service that allows you to get your mail (think paper statements, magazines, journals, brochures etc) and packages (shopping) from the US, to you, wherever in the world are. You sign up to get a US Street Address (not a PO Box). Send all your mail and shopping to that address. We ship you all your stuff via partner carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS. It's that simple!

> Tell me you are for real!

We sure are! We've been in business and serving customers just like you for over 10 years. Read all about us and our management team. We are located in Houston, TX and invite you to [drop by] (/about/contact-us/)or call anytime between 9am -6pm US Central Time. You will get a real employee on the phone, every time.

We are Registered in the State of Texas and an Accredited member of BBB (Better Business Bureau) which rates businesses according on their Integrity and Performance. Our A+ rating with the BBB speaks for itself! We are also members of Houston Relocation Professionals and Worldwide ERC.

We are also members of Houston Relocation Professionals, a recognized group of the ERC- Employee Relocation Council. Check out our Facebook page too, where we have 25000+ Likes and often upload pictures of us and our office.

> What will my address look like? Will it be a P.O. Box?

You will have an actual Street Address, not just a PO Box. It will be something like:
Your Name or Company
1321 Upland Dr.
Houston, TX 77043

*For this line, you have the option of choosing Box #, Suite #, Department # or Office #

> Do I have to be a US citizen/resident to use the service?

Nope. You can live anywhere in the world and still get or keep a US address.

> What is the monthly membership fee for?

Your membership investment (fee) covers a part of our cost to provide you a physical space (your US address) to send all your mail and packages to, and an online virtual mailbox to access your items anytime/anywhere.

When you sign up, we reserve a physical space for you in our secure warehouse to store your mail and packages. We receive your mail, sort it, take pictures of it to upload into your online mailbox and then store it in your dedicated space. Every Day! And when you put in a shipment request, we retrieve, sort, pack and ship your items. All this requires time, effort, state-of-the-art technology and dedicated staff to deliver the high quality of service you expect from us and your membership fee makes this service and features available for you.

> What images of my mail can i see in my Virtual Mailbox?

With our state-of-the-art technology, we upload pictures of all your incoming mail and packages in your Virtual Mailbox. You can log into your account anytime and see them. Each picture includes details on sender, item type, description, dimensions and weight. See what your inbox will look like.

> What about junk mail? Do I have to pay to have it sent to me?

Absolutely not! We offer FREE junk mail throwaway/Discard option. We automatically discard advertisements and other junk mail unless you tell us otherwise. Also you can see pictures of all your mail online, so you can discard items yourself with a simple click of the mouse. You'll never pay for unwanted mail with us!

> I am a frequent traveler and need my mail shipped to different location. Can you accommodate this?

Absolutely. No matter where the wind takes you, your address stays the same You can access your account from anywhere around the globe and choose where each package will be shipped. Not only that, you can also see a picture and view the details on each piece of mail including sender, weight and dimensions.

> How do I use your service one time to buy an item?

Via USDelivered.com- our sister service especially developed for international shoppers. Sign up and to get a free month of service, email hello@usdelivered.com with message: I'm special because I came from US Global Mail. Give me a free month of service. ;-)

> Can I instruct you how to send my mail? How much time will it take?

Totally! Not only can you instruct us but you also have the option to choose how and when you receive your mail. We ship with DHL, USPS, UPS, and FedEx - four of the largest and most highly respected international carriers. Choose your preferred carrier and get the best price to your location! You also control how fast your mail will be delivered- options range from overnight to 1-2 days to as much as 6-14 days, or even 6-8 weeks.

> Can all family members be on the same account?

Of course! We will need one photo ID for every person on the account. If you expect Mail and Package deliveries by USPS for them, US Postal Regulations require us to have a Form 1583 on file for every adult to accept mail on their behalf. Spouses may go on the same Form 1583 and minor children with some paperwork to verify age.

Just fyi, most other companies charge about $20 per additional name. Look carefully before you sign up!

> Will I become a resident of Texas because I have an address there?

To the best of our knowledge, you need a an actual place of residence to prove residency. Getting an address in a state does not make you a resident or subject to any taxes.

> Can I get my official papers (e.g. drivers license) delivered to my address with you even though I am/was living in another state?

Yes, of course. Many of our customers do that. USPS will forward all your mail to your new address with us irrespective of your original address.

> I signed up. When will my account be activated?

We can usually activate it within the same business day as having received your paperwork (online Credit Card verification is complete and we've received your photo ID and completed Form 1583* if you expect mail and package deliveries by USPS).

If you need immediate activation, give us a call and we will expedite it.

*Required per US Postal Regulations.

> How do I get my mail to my USGM Address?

USPS will start redirecting your mail from your existing/old address to your new USGM address after you file either a Temporary Forward Request or a Permanent Change of Address with the USPS.

Which to opt for?

If you will come back to the address that you are leaving from, we recommend Temporary Forward. With this option, USPS will forward your mail for 6 months after which you will have to resubmit the request to USPS to extend for another 6 months, and so on until you return.

If you will come back to a new address in the US, you could do a change of address. This is a one time request and doesn't need to be done again and again. HOWEVER, with this change, you cannot come back and re route your mail via USPS to the new address. You will have to manually change your address with all entities that send you mail.

You could perform either of these functions at your local post office or online here Choose PERMANENT if choosing Change of Address or TEMPORARY if choosing 6 monthly Forward.

If this is confusing, email us at support@usglobalmail.com and we'll be happy to do over this.

> Can you SCAN my mail?

Yes. Scans are done the same day, usually within 1 hour of your request, during business hours. The cost is $3 per letter, plus $0.50 per page.

> I signed up but there's no mail in my inbox?

When you get your address with us, USPS needs to be informed so they can start forwarding your mail to us. This can be done at your local post office or online here

If you've already done that, check with USPS to make sure they are adding your correct box/suite number on your forwarding address. If we receive mail without a correct name or box number, it delays the process of entry into your inbox.

> Which Plan will work best for me?

Individual Plan at $10/month

Family (2 or more people on the account), choose Family Planfor $15/month

International Shoppers or if you need a one time address, choose USDelivered.com

FOR BUSINESSES: We offer 3 Business Plans
Standard- get a US address for your business/mail

Distribution- if you wish to distribute your products to the US market/mail stream

Fulfillment- if you could use a local presence and need a trusted partner to stock, inventory, pack, ship and handle returns for your products, in the US

Each of these investments are further discounted when you sign up for an annual plan. See complete details here. Plan rates show 24 month term

> How much will it cost to ship my item?

Our Shipping Calculator will give you a quote. With us, what you see is what you pay. Always Transparent Pricing. No Hidden Costs, No Hidden Fees. Ever.

> Can you scan my mail if needed? How much does it cost?

Yes. Scans are usually done and available for you to view within 1 hour, during business hours. The cost is $3 per letter, plus $0.50 per page in each letter.

> Do you require a deposit?

In one word: No!

> How do you offer USPS as a shipper when most other mail forwarding companies don't?

We are all about saving you money and offering you all options! USPS often requires additional work such as filling out necessary customs declarations and paperwork, personal delivery of shipments to the Post Office since they don't provide a pick up service and often it's the cheapest option, so other service providers do not want to use them. We are happy to do the extra work for you if it helps you save money.

We charge a small premium on USPS rates simply to cover our costs of time and labor.

> Are tariffs, customs and other duties included in your rate?

Our rates include shipping costs only. Since we have no control over your destination country's customs, tariffs, or taxes, these may be applicable. For more information on if/how these will be charged, we suggest contacting your local customs office.

> What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Wire transfers and Western Union are also accepted for shipments, but must be paid in advance of the shipments, and will incur transfer fees. Please email support@usglobalmail.com with subject=Wire or Western Union to enable payment via Western Union or wire transfer. We do not accept Paypal at this time.

> Your competitors charge additional fees like incoming box fees, invoice removal fees, repack fee for every box opened etc. What are the hidden fees with in your service?

NO Hidden Fees! With us, what you see is what you pay. We've have clearly posted our charges on our website so you can always see what something costs. We believe in transparent pricing. There are three things which go into the total for a shipment:

Shipping costs as provided by our rate calculator Storage costs (if the item has been stored at our warehouse for more than a month) are $1/lb/mo after the first free month Repackaging (if requested); $2 for letters, $5 per box that leaves the warehouse

If we repack all your items into a single box it's $5. Two boxes $10, three $15, etc. It doesn't matter how many packages you have us consolidate, it only matters how many outgoing boxes we pack. If you have us ship boxes as-is, individually, there is no charge.

> Can I store some items temporarily or must everything be shipped right away?

We'll hold your letters for FREE for 180 days and your packages for 30 days from the receipt of the item. This helps you get enough items together for a shipment to save big by consolidating them into one shipment. Once the free storage time is up, we charge a nominal 10 cents/letter/month and $1/pound/month for packages, prorated.

> How long are my Scans available for?

Scans are available for viewing and download for 120 days.

> What value added services do you provide?

We offer: Consolidation/Repacking: $2 per envelope for letters (for all letters, not per letter); $5 per box that leaves the warehouse Scanning: $3 per letter plus $0.50 per page in each letter Storage: Free for 1st month. $1/lb per month after the first free month

> I only plan to receive a few letters per month. Is there any discounted option for shipping letters and documents?

Yes! You can make use of our USPS Letter Post Air Mail option to mail letters. It usually takes between 5 and 14 days, and is much less expensive than other carriers. A typical letter, weighing 2 ounces, will cost you only about $2 to ship domestically and approx. $6 internationally. This compares very favorably to other mail forwarding companies, which often charge a minimum of $10-$15 no matter how little the letter weighs. We help you SAVE even more with the option of combining many letters into 1 shipment and pay only $2 for consolidation of ALL the letters (unlike most others services who charge anywhere from $2- $5 per each letter for consolidation).

> How do I cancel my US Global Mail account?

You can cancel your account from within your account settings anytime. We recommend moving to a month to month plan anytime your plans change.

If you cancel within a committed membership term (i.e. 1 or 2 year term) your plan will be treated as a month to month billing plan. Refunds will be issued for the remaining whole months minus billing the used months of the term at the monthly rate for that plan.

> What if a delivery by USPS comes to my box number, but I don't have a Form 1583 for that name?

We will contact you once we get such mail and if you can get us the paperwork quickly, we won't have to return the mail. If not, it will have to go back to the Post Office in compliance with Federal regulations.

> What happens if I get something that can't be shipped internationally?

Prevention is better than cure! We recommend you check if a particular item can/cannot be shipped to your country. FedEx has a set of profiles and guidelines. USPS too has similar guidelines here.

Check with your retailer about returning the item. Merchants will sometimes issue a "call tag" so you don't have to pay for return shipping. Or you can have it shipped to someone within the US whenever possible. As a last resort, we can discard the item for you.

> What is form 1583? Why/how do I need to complete it?

Form 1583 is USPS's way of tormenting us! Jokes apart, it's a United Sates Postal Regulation and is required for us to accept mail on your behalf. We comply with all regulations and take no shortcuts when it comes to the protection of your mail. When you sign up, you will get a pre-filled copy of the form via email. You can upload this form via your account. Instructions on filling out the form are available here

We do ask that you mail us the original as well at: US Global Mail. Attn: Activations 1321 Upland Dr, Houston. TX 77043

> Why do I need to send a photo ID?

To ensure the security of your account, we ask you send in a photo ID that matches the name on your credit card. This is a best practice advised by credit card companies and the Security Standard Council to protect you from fraud.

> What forms of Photo ID can I send?

Acceptable forms of ID include:
Passport (page showing your photo) or Passport Card
Valid Driver's License
Armed forces, Government, University or recognized Corporate Identification card
Alien Registration Card or Certificate of Naturalization showing photo

> How do you protect my information (for e.g. photo ID) sent to you?

All uploaded documents, for e.g. your ID, get uploaded to a dedicated, secure server that resides in a data center managed by IBM. That data is not downloaded or transmitted over the internet as an added security measure. Also, it is automatically deleted from the servers upon expiry of a fixed amount of time. We also conduct regular internal security audits and follow enhanced security protocols for your protection.

> What is a notary and where can I find one?

A notary is a licensed official who will verify your identity and provide an official stamp on the USPS Form 1583. This stamp (in English or the local language) is required by the United States Postal Service in order for us to receive your mail. If you are a US citizen, you can get the form notarized online. You can also call your country's US Embassy for the service. If one is not available, it is acceptable to find a local official, such as an attorney or bank official, who can provide a similar stamp.

If all else fails, give us a call and we can help.

Note: If you use the online notary option, there is a fee the third party provider charges. Also please be sure to have them email us your form 1583, else we will ask you to mail us the original. There is an option to add emails where you would like the form to be sent. Use support@usglobalmail.com to ensure it reaches us.

> What services do you offer for Global Corporations?

We specialize in Corporate Expat Mail Services. We help expats of Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Symantec, Google, Apple, Rockwell Collins, Wal-Mart, BP, Shell, Regeneron, AmerisourceBergen, Exterran, Anadarko etc. and can customize plans for your needs. Please contact our business development VP at support@usglobalmail.com with any queries.

> I am an Expat and would like to get this service via my company.

Many companies offer mail forwarding service to their Expats via us. Examples include Netflix, Amerisourcebergen, Anadarko, Exterran, Shell etc. Many of them pay for the expats membership fees and also cover some shipping expenses. Simply provide us the contact info of the person we should talk to and we'll be happy to show them how our service can provide offer big savings for expats and the company.

> What services do you provide for Small Businesses?

We offer 3 Types of Business Services US ADDRESS: If you need a US Address for your business, we offer a standard plan where you get a US address and start doing business like a local company. FULFILLMENT: If you need inventory services where you send your items to us in bulk and we pack and ship your items as you sell them, this is the plan for you. DISTRIBUTION: For businesses who wish to use a US address to print local postage even when overseas and need help adding your items into the mailstream, we offer a Distribution Plan.

Read all the details here or email us at support@usglobalmail.com

> What is a Fulfillment Plan/Service?

One stop shop to start selling your products in the US. If you wish to sell your items in the United States but don't have a warehouse or an office, we can be your local office. We receive your items, store them and as you sell your items, we will pack and ship them to your customers, like a local branch of your company. More details here. Email our specialist Chris at support@usglobalmail.com for any queries.

> What is a Distribution Plan/Service?

If you are looking to distribute your goods in the US and have ability to print US postage from your location, this plan is for you. You sell your items and then using our address, create shipping labels for your packages and send all the packages to us in bulk. We receive your packages and hand them to the post office or other shippers, as desired by you. More details here. Email our specialist Chris at support@usglobalmail.com for any queries.

> Can you provide examples of how people use your Business Services?

We help businesses with their #1 goal: Increase Sales! We have many, many customers who are overseas and we help them operate like a local USA business via our Fulfillment and Distribution services. Here are a few real life case studies of our clients here

> Can you accept dropship items from vendors?

Yes! We offer you an address to receive products from your US suppliers, hold them in our warehouse, upload them into a Virtual Mailbox so you can "see" the items, and ship them anywhere in the world as you sell them. Or you can have them consolidated and shipped out to you- whatever works for your business plan.

> Can we ship items to you in bulk? Will you provide packaging service?

Absolutely! We will receive, store and itemize your items into an Inventory system which you will access to manage your inventory. Unless your items need special handling or extra packing details like tissues, bows etc., we do not charge any extras for packaging.

We can also handle returns/exchanges for you. As we receive them, we will add the box to your Virtual Mailbox for you to see and can open the returned boxed and add items back into inventory. There is no cost for this and it is included in the service. Email our specialist Chris at support@usglobalmail.com for any queries.

> What documentation do you need for my business account?

In order to accept mail for your business, US Postal Regulations require us to have on file one the following documents: Incorporation certificate/ Commercial Registration /Certificate For The Registration of The Name along with a photo ID of the officer named in the document.

> Will US Global Mail accept my 3rd Party Billing Account?

Unfortunately, that's one thing we cannot do. Our posted rates will apply if you ship using FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

> Do you offer a Merchant Partners and Affiliate program?

Yes, we do. We offer a compelling revenue split for partners that we would be happy to discuss with you. Approved affiliate partners receive a unique trackable link to keep track of their referrals for monthly pay outs. Support such as banners, buttons, copy and materials is also available. We want you to succeed and create a revenue stream for yourself. If you are ready to do that, email us at tnibber@usglobalmail.com

> Which countries do you ship to?

A lot! Check if you country is available in this drop down menu. If you don't see your country listed, check back later. We add new countries often.

> What items cannot be shipped to my country?

Prohibited items will vary by country, but we can never ship perfume or other flammable materials like matches or butane lighters, pressure tanks, guns, etc. A guide can be found here by selecting your country from the drop down menu. You may also check for similar country-specific information on the UPS and USPS web pages. For more information, we suggest contacting your local customs office.

> Do you offer shipping services within the United States?

Certainly! A large number of our customers live in the United States and prefer to use our services for their mail and shipping needs. RVers, Globetrotters, Sales Reps, and people on the move appreciate the mail forwarding features. We offer highly competitive rates through a number of shippers. We can save you at least 30% over commercial shipper rates. See our rates calculator

> Do you accept certified mail, registered mail, and COD shipments?

Yes, we can accept certified and registered mail if you check the box for it in Form 1583 and the registration page. There is no additional charge for this service; we simply must have your explicit confirmation before receiving such shipments.

We do not accept COD payments or shipments.

> Can I pick up my mail while I am in Houston?

We are not set up to handle walk-in pick up requests and it causes a disruption in our normal business. But in crunch times, you may email us a day in advance and we will try our best to help. There is a handling fee of $1 per pound and a $15 service charge for packages and a flat $5 for letters.

Our warehouse is located at: US Global Mail 1321 Upland Dr. Houston, TX 77043

> Can I write my own declarations?

Yes, you certainly can. We recommend you declare a reasonable value for your items. Failure to do so could result in extra duties, fines, or delays as customs inspects your packages further. We are not responsible for what you declare on your shipments.

> I've ordered from Amazon with a Saturday/Sunday delivery? Can you accept my package?

Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm. We are CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday and cannot accept deliveries. We request you make sure to un-check Sunday delivery in your Amazon order otherwise USPS (which does last mile delivery for Amazon) will leave your box outside our building.

> What's the cut-off time to place a shipment request and get same-day turnaround?

The deadline for same-day turnaround is between 1-3PM US Central Time (GMT -6:00) depending on service.
If you place your request after 3PM, we offer Expedited Shipping for a small additional cost. Email us at support@usglobalmail.com to place a request.

> I got an 'undelivered/unable to accept package' message from the shipper when they attempted to deliver my package. Why was my package not accepted?

Since your address is a street address (not a PO Box), shippers assume it is an apartment/suite/home etc. and try to deliver on the weekends. We are closed for business on the weekends and for safety reasons we do not allow the shippers leave the boxes behind. That's the only time you will get a notice for non-delivery- on days we are off (weekends/holidays) or if shippers try to deliver outside of our business hours of 8am - 6pm US Central Time.

> What is dimensional weight?

Dimensional weight, also known as volumetric weight, is a technique which uses an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of a package. Shipping costs have historically been calculated on the basis of gross weight in kilograms or pounds. By charging only by weight, lightweight, low density packages become unprofitable for freight carriers due to the amount of space they take up in the truck/aircraft/ship in proportion to their actual weight. The concept of dimensional weight has been adopted by the transportation industry worldwide as a uniform means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a package occupies. In fact, UPS and FedEx both announced that starting 2015, shipping charges on all shipments (air and ground) will be determined by greater of the actual weight and dimensional weight of a package. Prior to this announcement, dimensional weight charges were only applicable to packages of a specific size range.

Here's how the main shippers calculate Dimensional weight:

DHL: http://www.dhl-usa.com/en/tools/volumetric_weight_express.html

UPS: https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/packaging-and-supplies/determine-billable-weight.page

FedEx: http://www.fedex.com/in/tools/dimweight.html

> What will my new address be after updating it?

To ensure a smooth transition, we have reserved the same Box number for you. All you have to do is change your street address from 14781 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77079 to 1321 Upland Drive, Houston, TX 77043.

For example:-

Your address now : Suite 4567, 14781 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX. 77079

Your new address : Suite 4567, 1321 Upland Drive, Houston, TX 77043

> Do I need to fill out a change of address with USPS for this update?

Nope! You have to let the people sending you mail at the old (14781 Memorial Drive) location to use the new address. Email us when you are ready to do that and we will make the change in our system so you will see you new address in your account.

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