How to Reduce Complexity in Global Mobility Programs

Is effectively managing international assignment programs becoming a logistical nightmare for your team? KPMG explains how using single platform document storage and archive systems, automated tax calculators and... read more


Cost of Living Rankings, 2014

Have you checked expat compensation vis-a-vis the latest cost of living indices yet? Mercer's authoritative survey on this topic covers 211 cities and is one of the most comprehensive. Designed to help multinational companies and governments determine compensation allowances for their expats... read more


2014 Key Internet Trends You Need to Know

2014 Key Internet trends show some interesting data that will affect all of us on how and where we talk to customers. How will information like 80% of Chinese internet users are now on mobile devices and that China now accounts for 16% pf global GDP- the same as Europe- affect your decisions?