Key Trends in Global Mobility 2014

Issues affecting organizations and their mobility programs, comments and solutions from academia and an interesting array of case studies of multinational corporations feature in this years report. The report highlights a number of key areas touching the mobility world, including compensation, organisational development, talent management, programme compliance and technology... read more

Mail Forwarding Newsletter, August 2014

Risk and Compliance Issues you need know

Randip Singh, CEO of US Global Mail discusses risk and compliance issues that global corporations need to add to their risk management portfolio, in his interview with Global HR News. Progressive companies are seeking and applying solutions to eliminate such risks... listen here

British expats

Are your Expats making these mistakes?

Tough new laws that could see expats branded criminals for failing to declare offshore income, gains or assets are being proposed by the UK’s HM Revenue & Customs. The proposals could see expats convicted as a result of a mistake or omission rather than any criminal intent or dishonesty on their part... read more