Is Your Talent Torch Shining Brighter?

With new talent outreach and on boarding systems being developed that can locate prospects based more rigorous criteria than simply a checklist of education and experience. These methods are designed to be stratified and fluid, create a kind of built in “decision tree” that dovetails outreach, analytics and data with human input and decision making. read more


Reduce Failed Assignments- Real Life Strategies & Examples

90% of company resources are focused on settling the expat into a new assignment. But 65% of failed assignments happen due to family reasons! Learn what leading companies are doing to reduce this risk. Read real life examples and more here.. read more


Empowering HR Through Transformation: Survey 2014 Results

Three key themes emerge from this survey: making smart investments, balancing effort and managing change effectively. The survey complies data from 1048 organizations around the world and shows that one third of all companies plan to increase their technology spend...read more