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Global Human Capital Trends 2015

Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report is one of the largest longitudinal studies of talent, leadership, and HR challenges and readiness around the world. The research described in this report involved surveys and interviews with more than 3,300 business and HR leaders from 106 countries... read more

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The Future Of Corporate Mobility

So what is the future of corporate mobility? The Global Business Travel Association reports a market size worth more than $1.2 trillion, owing to increasing business travel in emerging markets in particular. We believe this market is about to flip on its head and consolidate due to new market and product solutions and new entrants and mergers and acquisitions bringing new competencies to the table. For a start, when considering corporate travel, we notice corporates moving from analyzing the total cost of ownership (e.g., in managing their fleet of vehicles) to the total ... read more

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FIGT: Finding Home Amidst Global Change

Finding Home: Amidst Global Change. That was the theme of FIGT 2015 national conference held at Washington DC, March 6-8th. Tashi Nibber, from US Global Mail was invited to be an Ignite speaker at the conference, sharing her story of expat experiences and translating the same into a platform to help thousands of expat families, find and keep a connection to home via the little things that remind us of home! read more