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Transforming Business Through Social Tools

The effect of social technologies in customer-facing processes is already significant. A McKinsey survey finds that while overall adoption of these tools has plateaued, companies can do more to measure and then capture social’s benefits. Fully networked organizations achieve higher impact from their social technology use, even in unexpected areas. Learn how to apply these social tools at your organization in business processes... read more

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'Boomerangs': Returning Home to Find Things Have Changed

INSEAD Insights discusses Boomerang’ employees, who return to a former employer later in their career, may find all is not as they left it. For some this means even greater opportunities, for others, there are new hurdles to overcome. The article offers tips for boomerang employees and companies and encourages organisations to explore this area more deeply, and to create an environment that actively encourages their alumni to return... read more

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Taxpayers on International Assignment Beware: Don't Be a Victim of a Scam

Many people– especially Expats on international assignment – have been contacted at some point by scammers or “phishers” seeking confidential financial information or other personally identifiable information, like social security numbers. Scott Shaughnessy and Molli Hull, with the Global Mobility Services group at Washington National Tax, discuss what this sort of contact may look like and what expats can do if you have been contacted by a scammer or been the victim of identity theft. ... read more